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‘What the f**k?’, indeed.

Isn’t a clinic supposed to a serious place where a polite, agreeable practitioner nods and hums their way through their client’s comments and revelations?

To be fair, some people want this and some people need this. It’s just also my experience that MANY people can really benefit from something radically different - truly pragmatic, provocative coaching.

In over 15 years of clinical experience (several spent as a face-to-face practitioner on London’s prestigious Harley Street), the single biggest factor in my maintaining a high success rate (high enough to pay the massive rent!) was my naturally provocative style.

Direct and challenging; blended with warmth, wit and humour, this is the provocative style of coaching provided through this dedicated clinic.

What’s wrong with 'vanilla coaching'?

Nothing, but so much coaching (and mentoring) is not even really vanilla. It’s more like sorbet. Without the flavouring. It’s crushed ice! Frankly, it’s bulls**t that provides a cosy profession for the practitioner and a well-meaning activity for the client.

The practitioner is too scared / hogtied by convention to really challenge the client, so progress is either slow or does not really occur at all. For all the talk of ‘breakthroughs’, it’s more like a gentle tapping at the door of change.

Practitioners confuse the ethical requirement of not telling a client what to do in regards to key life decisions with the very useful act of telling them, creatively yet forcefully, the practical steps and behaviours that will put them in a better position to make such decisions. 

Is this therapy?

No, this is coaching. However, the distinction between coaching and therapy is itself largely artificial and unhelpful.

For example, my coaching sessions benefit from both theories and techniques which are therapeutic in their basis and practical application. 

Instead of focusing on what I am providing, it’s more important to understand where YOU are currently at.

Put simply, if you feel ‘broken’ and would describe yourself as mostly dysfunctional then my coaching is NOT for you. If you feel functional and just want to do/be better then we can work together.