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If it's your business that needs an injection of kick-ass then I can tailor your coaching sessions accordingly.

As well as being a qualified management consultant, I’ve personally set up and ran a number of kick-ass businesses.

I’ve also trained hundreds of businesses, particularly SMEs and start-ups (with turnovers in the millions), so I know what works and what doesn’t.

My main strength in helping clients be more kick-ass in business is helping them ‘cut the cr*p’ and see the bigger picture of key factors and relationships. Only then can we drill down into the finer details and strategies.

I’m also an experienced marketer with  particular expertise in ‘selling to the subconscious’. I can consult specifically on this area if required.

My process is designed to reveal optimisations and opportunities to achieve at least another 10% in terms of your business goals.

Working with me is simple and flexible with all sessions conducted 1-2-1 via Skype. I ask that all clients first engage via a 1.5-hour Discovery Session (£195). Then additional 45-minute sessions can be booked as required (£150).

Quotes for longer consultancy projects are available on request.