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The good news - this scary cat is actually as scary as coaching with me gets. You'll find me smily, positive and supportive. I just won't sugarcoat calling out any of your bulls**t.

Provocative styles of coaching, therapy and teaching have been around as long as these activities have been practiced.

To understand provocative coaching one only has to look at the origins of the word provocation - a summoning, calling for or challenge.

The basis of any change work is challenging unhelpful beliefs and paradigms. Actively provoking a client to break through these barriers can achieve results far quicker than trying to make the necessary changes within a unsupportive frameworks of identity and beliefs.


Human behaviour is not as complex as some indivduals and many professionals would have you believe. Whilst a problem may be complex, the core of its solution is often very simple. 

I employ a holistic, 'zoom out' approach to goals and challenges. You can't sort out the finer details until the bigger picture is clear.

A change in life is usually made up of a number of smaller changes. I'll pull no punches in letting you know the importance of sticking to these if you want results.  


Provocative coaching sessions use my own personal approach, The Storyworking Method®.

This puts changes in personal narrative and mindset (at both the conscious and subconscious level) at the heart of  the process of change. As required, you will also benefit from:

  • Visualisation

  • Meditation

  • Hypnosis

  • Mind hacks​

  • Intensive skills training


I'll teach you the no-bulls**t 'secret' to (law of) attraction.

Learn how unlocking and re-programming the powerful subconscious mind, and then taking ACTION, is the key to manifesting the results you want.


'This is not altogether fool my lord' (Kent to King Lear)

I am VERY serious about helping you become more kick-ass. But this does not mean I always have to be serious in the way I go about it.

These sessions are meant to be FUN. There will most likely be laughter. This is a good thing.